Participation in TIN-ACT Research

Why is it important to become a volunteer?

Tinnitus is a prevalent and complex condition. In fact, it has been estimated that around 15-20% of the population has tinnitus, both young and older people indicate that they have tinnitus. Surprisingly, even when tinnitus is so common, there is still much to discover about tinnitus. The only way to find out about the mechanisms behind tinnitus is to invest resources, time and energy in research on tinnitus.
Currently, there are 15 research projects on tinnitus within the TIN-ACT consortium. These different studies all focus on different aspects of tinnitus and thus providing new insights in to the prevalence, aetiology, mechanisms, and effects on the brain and behaviour as well as projects that focus on new or improved therapies for lighten the burden of tinnitus for those affected.

In order to perform research, people that are willing to dedicate time to participate in research are vital to our quest. Participation in scientific research means that even though participating will not yield direct benefits to your own situation, it will help immensely towards the common goal of understanding and eventually curing tinnitus.

A general description of the projects involved can be found here.

If you want to contribute by participation, please choose the TIN-ACT research center where you are willing to participate. We are mainly based in Berlin (GE), Copenhagen (DK), Erlangen (GE), Groningen (NE), Marseille (FR), Utrecht (NL), and Nottingham (UK). After selecting the research center, you can send an email to the provided address and express your interest in participation.